The excellency of Florentine artisanship

High-quality raw materials meet Florence's traditional handcrafted techniques to obtain unique products that last a lifetime.


The story of Carlo Carmagnini

Florence is known as the European leather capital and is famous all over the world for the craftsmanship and high-quality executions in leather products. In 1947 founder Carlo Carmagnini was born into a family of artisans and craftsmen and after some years abroad he returned to his hometown and worked together with his family until he founded the brand Carlo Carmagnini in 1990.

It is now almost 30 years ago since Carlo Carmagnini had the vision to not only create the finest leather products that Italy has to offer but also to attempt to keep alive the knowledge of the local artisans that are fast disappearing due to mechanization. The combination of Florentine's craftsmen expertise and Carlo Carmagnini's focus on design and details made the products soon known for its high-quality and durability. To this day Carlo Carmagnini creates one of a kind leather pieces that are exclusively available at the family-run shop ‘ADRIMAR Italian Department Store since 1975’ in the historical city center of Florence.


'My mission and goal was, is and always will be to create not only excellent looking leather objects, but life companions.' - Carlo Carmagnini

Expo 2010 in Shanghai

Carlo Carmagnini was selected by the Italian government to present to the international public the quality of handmade Italian leather products at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. The video shows the famous seamless coin purse 'Tacco Fiorentino' and other Florentine leather artworks demonstrated by Carlo Carmagnini inside the Italian pavilion.


A selection of the collection

Over the decades the product range grew to a collection that stands for strong traditional roots and innovative techniques. The designs are classic and recall the buzzing daily life of the renaissance capital Florence. Owning a Carlo Carmagnini item is like owning a piece of Florence. The collection includes handwoven leather artworks, the traditional Florentine masterpiece 'Tacco Fiorentino', innovative, lightweight and reversible leather jackets as well as prestige objects made of the most exclusive genuine leather types.



A classic bestseller in the Carlo Carmagnini collection which due to its originality continues to enjoy increasing popularity. 'Treccia' is created by highly skilled Florentine artisans who patiently and precisely braid the leather strips one by one. This braiding is entirely assembled and sewn by hand, making each product unique.



The seamless coin purse 'Tacco Fiorentino' is one of the most famous Florentine handcrafted masterpieces and has been produced in Florence since 1800. It is made out of one single piece of fine calf skin called 'Cuoietto' and tanned with vegetable extracts to maintain the original properties of the leather. Carlo Carmagnini designed new shapes to bring the 'Tacco' in a new light - he is the only one producing 'Mela' (apple) and 'Conchiglia' (seashell) shapes.



Carlo Carmagnini created a line of bags and accessories that will accompany you on your journeys around the world and be a part of your everyday life without loosing its originality and durability. The entire collection is made with very soft quality leather from the tibetan goat kid and treated with a special technique that gives the leather its unique look and feel.



The Carlo Carmagnini classic lines combine tradition with innovation. The tradition of handcrafted products made of high-quality leather and the innovation of functionality combined provide an everyday life companion. The lines include trendy backpacks, classic card wallets, fashionable purses as well as elegant business wallets.



For the luxury line Carlo Carmagnini sources the most valuable leather types - from luxurious crocodile leather to graceful ostrich leather to exotic python leather - and his artisans carefully handcraft them to unique design objects such as belts, handbags, wallets and shoes.



The innovative leather jackets by Carlo Carmagnini are one of a kind. They are lightweight, reversible and super soft due to the double face lambskin suede and nappa leather. Available for men and women in different shapes and colors. Like every other Carlo Carmagnini product they are entirely handmade in Italy.

Exclusively available at ADRIMAR

The Carlo Carmagnini products are exclusively available at 'ADRIMAR Italian Department Store' in Florence Italy. ADRIMAR was founded by the Carmagnini family almost 30 years ago and is up to this day run by Carlo Carmagnini and his family. The main shop is located right next to Piazza Santa Croce and the branch close to Piazza Signoria and the Uffizi Gallery entrance. Visit the ADRIMAR webshop and enjoy FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.



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